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Since before the new regulations were enacted back on August 8th, we have been working diligently to try an age verification service, that makes it easy for our customers and us. 

We recently looked into Agechecker.net and decided to use them moving forward. 

Agechecker.net will pop up right before you submit your order for processing and ask you for some basic information. 

  • Country and State
  • Date of Birth
  • First and Last name
  • Address

You will not need to submit any photo ID, unless you are not found in any government database or if Agechecker is unable to match the information you entered to some databases, you will be required to submit a photo of your ID. Photos are approved within seconds by Agechecker.net. This is a one time upload, after you submit the picture and you are approved, Agechecker.net will update your profile in their system to only require the above information for repeat orders from us. 

We hope this system will work for us moving forward, and hope our customers are happy with the burden of proof of age being easier to prove. 

If you require assistance or encounter any issues during the verification, you can contact us 9am-6pm AZ time at 866-705-5000, or reach out to Agechecker.net at 1-888-276-2303, Agechecker.net has support ready to help 24/7. 

To look over the Agechecker.net privacy policy visit this link: https://agechecker.net/privacy

Another Age Verification Post, and hopefully the last!

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What Makes Up The Best Mech Mod?

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BlueCheck Age Verification Information

Due to laws and regulations at both the state and federal levels, we here at Kidney Puncher want to be sure we adapt to the new market. In light of the deeming regulations, by August 8th, we must verify the age/identity of every customer who shops with us. We have searched for several solutions for doing this, and have [...]

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Nichrome VS Kanthal

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Retail Store Location

Come visit us at our retail store location to get all the same products ! 7205 E. Southern Ave. Suite 101Mesa, AZ 85209

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Age verification by AgeChecker.Net