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The Ego AIO by Joyetech: Your Next Step

Posted by John C. on 21st Feb 2018

IntroductionPod-based systems like the Cync are a great place to start your vaping journey. But as time goes by and your experience level increases, you’ll discover a whole world of options. As we’v … read more

Choosing Your First Eliquid

Posted by John C. on 7th Feb 2018

IntroductionPhoto Credit: @wireguyOne of the first challenges you’ll face when moving beyond all-in-ones, cigarette-lookalikes, or pod-based systems is choosing which eliquid you want to use, because … read more

Beyond Pod Systems: New Challenges, New Rewards

Posted by John C. on 24th Jan 2018

IntroductionThere usually comes a point, for most vapers, where curiosity takes hold. You may find yourself looking at more advanced systems and wondering what it would be like to hold one in your han … read more

The Cync: Your Best Choice For A First Vape

Posted by John C. on 10th Jan 2018

IntroductionMoving from smoking to vaping is a big step. Although some adjustments are going to be a part of that under any circumstances, one of the best things the new vaper can do for himself or he … read more