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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Ego AIO by Joyetech: Your Next Step

Posted by John C. on 21st Feb 2018


Pod-based systems like the Cync are a great place to start your vaping journey. But as time goes by and your experience level increases, you’ll discover a whole world of options. As we’ve covered, one of the first of these is in your choice of flavors.

While pod systems allow you to select from a few flavors, more advanced tank-based systems are wide open to the use of any eliquid flavor you can imagine. Let’s take a moment to look at one of the best and most intuitive of the eGo style systems available, the Ego AIO.

Kit Overview

The Ego AIO is an All-In-One system, meaning that the 1600mAh battery portion features an integrated 2ml capacity tank, rather than a connector for a separate tank. This keeps the device powerful yet simple to set up and operate.

The kit arrives with the battery, the tank, two 0.6 ohm Cubis SS316 (316 stainless steel) coil heads, two drip tips (one spiral, one glass) one micro-USB charging cable, and a user manual.

The tank portion of the AIO also features adjustable airflow, enabling you to adjust the tightness of the draw to your liking.

Specs & Features

Starting from the top of the device, you have a drip tip which is press-fit into the top cap. The device comes with two drip tips — the glass one is fully open, while the color-matching one is internally shaped to “sculpt” the path of the vapor passing through.

The top cap itself is the airflow adjustment system. A pair of dots will be aligned when the airflow is all the way open — twisting the top cap either clockwise or counterclockwise will allow you to constrict the airflow to your desired level. The top cap is also child-resistant, and requires you to press down before turning it to unscrew it and expose the interior of the tank itself. At the underside of the top cap, you’ll find the atomizer head. At the base of the inside of the tank resides an LED which illuminates the tank each time the firing button is pressed, both to indicate that the device is firing as well as for added style.

On the battery itself, below the tank portion, you’ll find a pleasantly clicky square button for functions such as powering the device on or off, firing the device, and adjusting the color of the LED. On the side of the battery opposite the firing button, you’ll find the micro-USB charging port as well as a line that intersects the glass of the tank. This line is extremely important, as it indicates the maximum level you should fill the tank to.

Setup, Use, Maintenance

After unboxing the AIO, setup is quick and easy. Simply plug the micro-USB cable into a power source such as your computer, then plug the opposite end into the AIO’s battery. Unscrew the top cap from the tank and drip a small amount of your favorite eliquid directly into the cotton wick inside the atomizer head; this is known as “priming” and should be done each time you install a new atomizer head into a tank, as it accelerates the time needed before your eliquid fully saturates the wick and your device becomes ready for use.

When filling the tank, pay special attention to the line which intersects the tank glass in the back. That line indicates the maximum level you can fill the tank to without causing it to overflow when you put the top cap back on.

Give the atomizer approximately five minutes for the wick to be completely saturated with your eliquid.

After this setup process has been completed (which takes approximately seven or eight minutes including the brief wait time for your atomizer to be fully saturated with eliquid) the Ego AIO is as easy to use as the pod-based system you’re already used to. Just click the fire button five times to turn it on or off, and press to fire.

Real World Performance

My time with the Ego AIO has been a genuine pleasure. For the vaper just moving beyond pod-based systems, the breakthrough change here will be the ability to use any eliquid you like rather than only those flavors which come in the system’s pre-filled pods. But one thing you’ll also discover is that the larger, more robust atomizers in sub-ohm tanks deliver stronger and more vivid flavor, bigger clouds, and stronger, more satisfying throat hit.

Even for a long time vaper such as myself, the system’s small size and dead-simple usage — just one airflow control ring and one button — makes the Ego AIO the perfect pocket vape for those times when I don’t feel like carting around a full sized mod.

Price & Availability

The Ego AIO is actually available in two models, identical all except for colorways and price tags.

1.Standard AIO Kit: Available in Silver, Black, Black/Grey, Black/White, and Red/White for $19.95 plus shipping

1.Stylish AIO Kit: Available in Dazzling, Brushed Gunmetal, Chino, Black/White Crackle, Black/Bronze Crackle, White/Gold Crackle, Black/Gold Crackle, Brushed Bronze, Camo, and Woodgrain for $29.95 plus shipping


As your first step beyond pod based systems, there are few better than the Joyetech Ego AIO. It remains portable and powerful, but I want to reiterate that the real breakout feature here is that, unlike with pod based systems, the flavor and nicotine strength of the eliquid you use with it is entirely up to you. Freedom from smoking, plus the freedom to choose the flavor that suits you best? There’s no such thing as too much freedom!