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Selecting a New Vape Mod

Posted by Samer Megahed on 24th Feb 2017

No matter where are you are on the vaping spectrum, even if you consider yourself a master, there comes a point in time when you want a new device. Maybe you want to try something new or maybe your ol … read more

Posted by Corey on 31st Oct 2016

Since before the new regulations were enacted back on August 8th, we have been working diligently to try an age verification service, that makes it easy for our customers and us. We recently look … read more

Another Age Verification Post, and hopefully the last!

Posted by Corey on 7th Oct 2016

 I am sure most you have seen the age pop after you order, or even on the main page with the banner that is there. We have been working with Verify Ninja for almost a month now, and have most … read more

The Struggles of Age Verification

Posted by Chad on 26th Aug 2016

As some some of you may have seen, we have had some great difficulties with our age verification service. We have struggled to find proper solutions and thought we had found one, however BlueCheck … read more
What Makes Up The Best Mech Mod?

What Makes Up The Best Mech Mod?

Posted by Chad Wilson on 12th Aug 2016

What Makes Up The Best Mech Mod?This is an issue that has come up many times over the years. Though many people have a number one factor they consider in their mech mods, there are many factors to co … read more