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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Kanger Cupti: Step Up To The Next Level

Posted by John C. on 4th Apr 2018


This is what everything has been leading up to. Adjustable airflow to allow the satisfying mouth-to-lung hits you’ve been used to for years or deep, deep lung hits. Temperature control to allow you to get your vape as hard hitting as you could possibly wish for, to unlock nuances of flavor you never knew were hiding in your favorite liquids. Nicotine and flavor satisfaction unlike anything smoking could ever have given you. Here it is.

The Kanger Cupti is the ultimate in portability for an advanced mod; read on and you’ll discover why it’s your perfect first advanced device.

Specs & Features

The Kanger Cupti is a 75 watt all-in-one device powered by a removable 18650 battery (sold separately) and sporting an integrated sub-ohm tank with 5ml of eliquid capacity. The Cupti features adjustable power and temperature control, from 7 to 75 watts in variable power mode and 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature control mode.

Starting at the top of the device, you have your choice of either the pre-installed wide-bore mouthpiece or an included mouthpiece with a slightly more restricted channel. Immediately under that, you have an airflow control system in the form of a rotating ring with inner and outer air channels — simply rotate the ring to open those channels as wide, or close them down as tightly, as you desire.

In front of the mouthpiece and airflow control assembly are two buttons, marked plus and minus, for adjusting either the power output or the temperature at the coil of the device. In front of those is a small but easily readable OLED display.

Moving down again, we have a small but nicely clicky firing button which is also used to navigate the device’s advanced functions. On either of the device’s sides is a glass window which allows you to see the level of eliquid left inside the tank. Pay particular attention to the black line marked ‘MAX FILL’. That line is extremely important when using the device. There’s a cutout in the shape of the Kanger logo on the back of the device which allows you to see your 18650 battery.

Finally, at the bottom of the device, you have a micro-USB port for charging and (for users of Windows PCs) firmware updates. Additionally, you have a latched door for opening the battery compartment.

(NOTE: This device uses a separate 18650 size battery, available from Kidney Puncher — only use 18650 batteries specifically intended for use with mods like this; the kind you get for flashlights is NOT RECOMMENDED.)

Real World Experience

Because the Kanger Cupti is essentially a very powerful and very advanced all in one system, setting up and using this should be intuitive for you by now, with only one additional step: Inserting a high-drain 18650 battery. Your 18650 battery can be charged either inside the Cupti or in a separate charger made for lithin-ion batteries. (I personally recommend the Nitecore Intellicharger i2 or i4 if you decide to use a separate charger.)

Aside from that, setup is a breeze. Simply unscrew the top cap from the Cupti and pull out the “chimney” — the long metal rod that has the mouthpiece and airflow control system at the top and, at the other end, has the atomizer head at the bottom. Next, fill the integrated tank with your favorite eliquid, making sure not to fill past the marked ‘Max Fill’ line on the outside of the tank. Then, carefully prime the atomizer head by dripping your eliquid onto the cotton wick inside. Finally, slowly and carefully insert the “chimney” back into the tank, then tighten it gently but firmly back into place.

Navigating the menu system takes a little getting used to, at first, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Clicking the fire button five times turns the device on. Adjusting the power is as simple as pressing the plus or minus keys on the top of the device. To switch from variable wattage mode to temperature control mode, click the firing button three times to cycle through variable wattage, then to the temperature control mode appropriate to the atomizer head you have installed in the Cupti (the 0.15 ohm atomizer head is Nickel, while the 0.5 ohm atomizer head is 316 Stainless Steel, or SS316.)

As I myself prefer to take deep lung hits, I find that using the wider mouthpiece along with medium airflow provides me with a very satisfying vaping experience with the Cupti — surprisingly so; for such a small advanced mod, the Cupti is extremely competent.

Flavor strength and accuracy from Kanger’s CLOCC atomizer heads is excellent, as is vapor production. The 5ml eliquid capacity, coupled with the use of a high-capacity, high-drain 18650 battery (I recommend the Samsung INR18650-30Q) means that, depending on how heavily you vape, you can get hours of satisfaction between charges or refills.

Price & Availability

You can get the Kanger Cupti starter kit from Kidney Puncher in Black, White, Red, Champagne Gold, or Rose Gold, for $49.95 plus shipping.


I can think of no better first advanced mod today than the Kanger Cupti. It has the compact, hand- and pocket-friendly size and shape of an all in one device, the ease of setup, use, and maintenance of a pen style system, and the performance, functionality, and longevity of advanced mods at several times its size and asking price.

I can’t recommend it highly enough.