Another Age Verification Post, and hopefully the last!

Posted by Corey on 7th Oct 2016

 I am sure most you have seen the age pop after you order, or even on the main page with the banner that is there. We have been working with Verify Ninja for almost a month now, and have most of the kinks worked out. There have been some questions on how to go through the process, so I made some videos for the 3 different methods of verification that we offer

Verify Ninja App Verification

Verify Ninja is a 3rd party company that created software to assist in the age verification process. Verify Ninja gathers the information submitted and puts it all in one place for us to verify. 

This is the default method for verification. After your order is placed you will see the Verify Ninja pop up appear on the order confirmation page. This will guide you through the steps to send us your verification.

For further instructions, please watch this video 

Verify Ninja Manual Verification

Instead of using the Verify Ninja app, this method will use your browser you completed the order in. This is recommended for Iphone users or those without a smart phone. Please watch the video below for further instructions.

Kidney Puncher Product Verification

The last method available, is uploading your verification photo to our site. This bypasses Verify Ninja, and is used mostly for those doing heavy repeat orders, or if you experience technical issues with Verify Ninja. For assistance in using this method, please watch the video below.

Still having issues?

Feel free to contact us at or call us at 866-705-5000 ext 1. 

Thanks for working with us as the industry evolves and we work with the FDA on these new regulations.