The Struggles of Age Verification

Posted by Chad on 26th Aug 2016

As some some of you may have seen, we have had some great difficulties with our age verification service. We have struggled to find proper solutions and thought we had found one, however BlueCheck has only created more issues for our customers. In short, we've heard you guys, loud and clear.

We're working to get another system in place as soon as possible but today, we know what we must do. Today, we are turning off our BlueCheck verification system. This does not mean that we will not be verifying. We will be doing manual verification until we get a new system in place. Simply put, we cannot have our customers put through this hassle and headache any longer. As strange as it sounds, manual verification should be much easier on you guys. You will be requested to send in a photo ID selfie to verify you are who you say you are, but doing this once will cover you until we get a new system in place.

We understand that there are privacy concerns with sending information in that manner. If you feel the need to obfuscate data to put your mind at ease, feel free to do so. Keep in mind, however, that the more you obfuscate, the harder it is for us to tell whether it is a genuine photo ID. And you absolutely cannot obfuscate your date of birth or your name. If you have one of those old school IDs that has your whole SSN on it or something of that nature, feel free to cover that up as we don't need that.

So in short, there will be an extra step to ordering but it will remain very much the same. No need to worry about a third-party vendor that may or may not still be alive. If you have any concerns along the way, we no longer have to refer you to some other company. We can handle any verification issues that we have in house.

If you have any issues, feel free to give us a call at (866) 705-5000 or send an email over to

We hope that this makes things easier on you guys as we find another solution.