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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Wire Rope Wick 7x19 5/64 35mm 3 pack

Weight: 0.05 LBS
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Please read this entire page before ordering!

Wire Rope Wick

316 Stainless Steel NOT galvanized
7x19 braid
5/64 inch diameter product. Measured with a micrometer it is 1.98mm.
Approximately 35mm in length
NO nylon center thread
Sold in a 3 pack

These are the correct size for the Prometheus RBA found here: Prometheus Clone. These will be snug so if you are planning on sleeving them we recommend going with these: Wire Rope Wick 7x7 1/16 35mm 3 pack.

If you want to "sleeve" these so you can skip having to oxidize them, you should buy some:
2mm Hollow EKOWOOL Silica Wick

Advanced User Item ! No Warranty, No Returns!

Safety Note: Please torch till glowing, boil in distilled water (or soak in Everclear), rinse and torch again before using.

A Note on Size Measurements:
Our product naming is based off of the product name from the manufacturer.
Measuring SS Wire rope with a micrometer is tricky at best because:
The surface is not uniform. Wire rope is a braid with a surface shape that resembles a spiral. Micrometer calipers are flat and narrow. Not a happy marriage.
Wire Rope is compressible. You might think "Hey.. this is steel.. what do you mean it compresses ?" It is a braid, so there is a small amount of slack in each twist which allows for compression, so getting an accurate measurement is tricky.
Steel expands/contracts with temperature.
This is GOOD wire rope from a premier manufacturer. We are proud to sell it. That said, we cannot accept returns because of issues of size / fit / color.



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