Milkshake Man - Blueberry 60ml

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Milkshake Man - Blueberry 60ml Plastic Bottle

Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

From the creators of the D'ohnuts line comes the next guilty pleasure treat vape, a blueberry milkshake! Fresh luscious blueberries tossed into a blender chock full of creamy milk and ice-cream. Don't let blueberries of the past effect your choice on this one, truly one of the greatest blueberry liquids available on the market. 

Due to the consumable nature of E-Liquids, we can't accept returns on open bottles. However, If your bottle has a manufacturing defect (Leaky bottles, broken seal) please contact us  in order to initiate a return.

No Warranty. No Returns. You must choose Priority Mail or better for a DOA warranty against glass breakage.

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