Selecting a New Vape Mod

Posted by Samer Megahed on 24th Feb 2017

No matter where are you are on the vaping spectrum, even if you consider yourself a master, there comes a point in time when you want a new device. Maybe you want to try something new or maybe your old device is just not sufficient enough for you; either way it is probably time for a new purchase. Deciding what device is right for you can be complicated but hopefully after reading this you will have a better idea on what you are looking for.

There are a plethora of mods to choose from when selecting your next device, and a lot of questions can come to mind. The best question to ask yourself when you are shopping for a new device is “What do you want your new device to do for you?”

Do you want it to have a long-lasting battery? Is replacing and removing batteries a concern for you? Or would you rather just plug in a micro USB? Do you want a smaller device that fits well in the pocket or do you mind a large device that is bulky? Are you interested in the potential of growing into a mod or do you want a basic push and go? It is no different than going into your local cell phone retailer and picking between an iPhone and an Android. The iPhone is an easy to operate device with a sleek look. The android is bigger and sometimes more complicated but has a lot of options for customization.

If you are fairly new to vaping, your biggest concern will most likely be quick to learn and easy to maintain devices such as the Joyetech AIO or any Kangertech full set up such as the Subox Nano Kit, Cupti, and the Topbox Nano or Mini. The goal for most people here is to not break the bank on a setup to try and see if you like it. And the transition can sometimes be easier if you get a device that more closely mimics your previous habits. My favorite is the Kangertech Cupti because it is an upgrade from the Nebox with an internal tank, the battery life is about a solid day, and the mod is small enough to fit even in the smallest of pockets. Some companies are even offering the colored replacement glass which is a fun way to customize any device to truly make it yours. Both companies are known for easy to understand and durable devices.

The intermediate vaper will probably be more interested in battery life and the best options for their style of vaping depend on whether they are vaping more for clouds or flavor. Someone who is considered a cloud chaser is someone who primarily looks for cloud production whereas someone who is considered a flavor chaser wants to taste all the different concentrates that their e-juice is composed of.

Another concern for any vaper is the cost. If you have a large budget then you have more options and can upgrade into a DNA or SXJ chip set and could go with something like the Reuleaux DNA 200 from Wismec. However, if you are looking for something a bit cheaper and has great battery life due to the exchange of two batteries to three the Wismec RX2/3 is almost like getting two mods in one and thanks to the upgraded chip from the Wismec RX200S, the battery life even with two batteries lasts longer than the previous three battery model. Battery life depends on the batteries but also the chip because it regulates the drainage and the upgraded chip is more efficient in battery drainage. If color schemes are important, then you are in luck, because the Wismec RX2/3 comes in 6 different colors.

Personally, this writer just purchased his first new device in about a year and a half to try the new products on the market and let me tell you, I wish these devices were available when I first started. I purchased the Smok G-Priv kit which comes with a protective silicon case, TFV8 Big Baby Beast, and of course the 220W G-Priv device. I am incredibly impressed with the performance of the touchscreen on the device and the TFV8 Big Baby Beast. I run my tank at 100 Watts and my device lasts over 24 hours with my amount of usage. My flavor and cloud production on the device are just where my preference is and I was able to pick up a red replacement glass to finish my look. My advice when shopping for a new device is to not follow the popular trends unless you are planning on buying a new device every other week. It is constantly changing and new ideas are being developed. I would do your research and feel the device in your hand because it comes down to what works for you, not what everyone else is buying.

By now you are asking yourself what truly is the best device for me? The answer, as with most things in vaping, is it depends on the person. Figure out which features are the most important to you, be it battery life, size, or the draw on the device. By figuring out which problems you are looking for a new device to solve, you can figure out which features are most important to you, and make your selection based on that. There are a ridiculous amount of options in the vape game these days, just figure out what is most important to you, and select the best device for you!

New Vapers usually look for:

  • Ease of use
  • Portable
  • Availability of spare parts / coil heads
  • Tighter on the draw (optional but can mimic similar habits and make the transition easier)

Great options include: Joyetech AIO and the Kangertech Cupti

Experienced Vapers usually look for:

  • Battery Life
  • Functionality
  • Looks

Recommended: Depends on what you’re looking for but something like a Wismec 2/3 or a Smok G-Priv Kit