LG 18650HE2 2500mAh

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LG 18650HE2 2500mAh

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  • Chemistry: Li[NiMnCo]O2 (H-NMC) / Graphite + SiO
  • Official Max Continuous Discharge Current: 20 amps
  • Positive terminal type: Flat Top
  • Diameter 18.3 +0.2/-0.3 mm
  • Height 65.0 ± 0.2 mm
  • Weight: Approx 45 grams
  • Initial Internal Resistance measured in megaOhms with a 1khz AC signal: Specified 15,  Actual 12 to 13 
  • Initial Internal Resistance measured in megaOhms with a DC signal: Specified 30,  Actual 21 to 22
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6
  • Max Charge Current: 4 amps

Please note:  We have the offical internal test data from LG showing this battery handling a continous 35 amp discharge load.  We are waiting to get permission to publish the graph / test data and also clarification on why they chose to rate the "Max Continuous Discharge Current" as only 20 amps when their tests show the batteries handling 35 amps.

We also plan to send a couple of these batteries to a well regarded battery reviewer who will perform his own tests on them.

That said, The manufacturer has stated that this is a "20 amp battery" and you should treat it as such until you have information that proves it can handle more.

Use at Your Own Risk. By purchasing this item, you agree that Kidney Puncher, LLC is not responsible for any damage to property or people that may happen through your use of these batteries.

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