KP Premade Coils of the Week - Pair

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KP Premade Coils of the Week - Pair

20% off Sale. Coil options are changed every Saturday, be sure to check back to grab a different set of coils 

3mm Inner Diameter

KP Premade Staggerton Coils KA-1 28/.4/40 .2ohms 3mm-ID 7-Wrap - Pair #81The Staggerton coil came about as the build masters were looking for a new challenge, a Staggerton combines the elements of a fused clapton, staples and framed staples, creating a spaced framed staple that has been clapton'd again. The result is a visually stunning coil that you can show off. The cloud production and flavor is exquisite, once you go Staggerton, you will not want to go back !

KP Premade Micro Coils N80 26g .4ohms 3mm-ID 8-Wrap - Pair #36 The ever popular micro coil was the first innovation that vaping enthusiasts discovered as an alternate to the original spaced coil. Also known as a contact coil, a micro coil has all the wraps touching to create a more centered heating effect that leads outward.

KP Premade Clapton Coils SS316L 24/36 .25ohms 3mm-ID 7-Wrap - Pair #89 The O.G specialty coil itself! This Clapton coil is created by wrapping wire around a core wire, creating a strip of wire similar to guitar strings, where it gets its name from.  These coils will give you a huge amount of surface area, creating great flavor, and thick dense clouds.

You will receive 2 coils total. Packaged in a pair. When selecting what variation you want to order, the first number refers to the core gauge, the second refers to the outer wire, so 24/36 is 24g core with 36g wrapped on the outside.

These are made by our in-house build masters. Each coil is inspected for mis-wraps or large gaps.

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