KP Premade Coils of the Week - Pair

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KP Premade Coils of the Week - Pair

20% off Sale. Coil options are changed every Saturday, be sure to check back to grab a different set of coils 

3mm Inner Diameter

Staple KA-1 .3/40 .3Ω 3mm-ID 6-Wrap - Pair #83 - The first innovation after the widespread use of claptons and fused claptons, a staple coil is made by stacking our ribbon wire then claptoning around the stack. This creates a thick sturdy coil with tons of flavor.

Staggerton N80 28/.4/40 .15Ω 3mm-ID 7-Wrap - Pair #41 - The Staggerton coil came about as the build masters were looking for a new challenge, a Staggerton combines the elements of a fused clapton, staples and framed staples, creating a spaced framed staple that has been clapton'd again. The result is a visually stunning coil that you can show off. The cloud production and flavor is exquisite, once you go Staggerton, you will not want to go back!

Fused Clapton SS316L 28/36 .3Ω 3mm-ID 6-Wrap - Pair #103The Fused Clapton! Building on the solid foundation of the Clapton coil, this is the next step in specialty wires, the Fused Clapton uses two cores instead of one. This means you will get even MORE surface area then you would with a standard Clapton coil! Hot, dense, tasty clouds are the name of this game.

You will receive 2 coils total. Packaged in a pair. When selecting what variation you want to order, the first number refers to the core gauge, the second refers to the outer wire, so 24/36 is 24g core with 36g wrapped on the outside.

These are made by our in-house build masters. Each coil is inspected for mis-wraps or large gaps.

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