Koh Gen Do Japanese Organic Cotton

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Koh Gen Do Japanese Organic Cotton - 2 Pack

This is genuine Koh Gen Do cotton and is considered to be one of the best wicking materials! Made from 100% cotton that has not been chemically treated, bleached or pigmented. Darker flecks in the material are natural and should be expected. For most coils that you are wicking through most people have good luck splitting the pads in half so they are half as thick and then cutting strips from there.

Sold in a 2 pack. Each square is 6cm by 8cm. (2.4in x 3.2in) 

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  • 5
    Great cotton

    Posted by Aidan McFarlane on 13th Dec 2015

    Seriously great cotton. One of the main reasons I never got in to RBAs is because of that dank cotton flavour, which is not an issue with this.

  • 5
    works well

    Posted by Adam Beltran on 19th Sep 2015

    well i'm not much for cash so this is my first time purchasing other branded cotton. that said i have no complaints about it. it works good for my device and i do plan to buy again when i am in the need for some

  • 5
    koh gen do

    Posted by Brad H. on 24th Aug 2015

    Great cotton at a great price! I really like building with sheets and these are the most absorbent I've used.

  • 5
    Pricey, but worth it!

    Posted by Robi on 29th Apr 2015

    Works well in both RDAs and RTAs; no more dry hits, no 'cotton' aftertaste.

  • 5
    Easy Peasy Japanesey

    Posted by A. K. on 7th Apr 2015

    It's good cotton. The sheets are larger than other brands like muji, it's super soft, super absorbent, etc. Great addon to any purchase.

  • 5
    works great!

    Posted by Desiree on 30th Mar 2015

    Again, a better price than locally! Serves it's purpose and allows me to Vape my delicious juice with easy!

  • 5
    Kind of like my first girlfriend

    Posted by Jordan lang on 9th Mar 2015

    Silky and smooth, soaks up my juice like a champ. pretty fragile, handle with care

  • 4
    Careful how you handle it

    Posted by Vaper X on 2nd Mar 2015

    While the Koh Gen Do Japanese Organic Cotton has a decided taste (I should say lack of taste) advantage over domestic cotton I have found it to be difficult to build with as the cotton is very light. You have to handle with kid gloves. If you can make it work the result will be worth the effort. Just don't get upset when the cotton disintegrates at your first attempt at threading it through the coil. Better consistency lengthwise than horizontal. That's the only reason I gave it 4 stars. Otherwise its a 5 star product.

  • 5

    Posted by Erick on 24th Feb 2015

    Love this stuff

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